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Game Art:
Games always have been a great and high-demand business. One of the most important sides of making any type of game is Game Art.Game art changes the first impression that users get from your game. If the game art is pro your games will look pro! I can make any type of 2D game art for you. I've been in the game-making field for many years.

Generally, I make 2 kinds of game art:
1. Mobile/Video game art
If you're going to make a mobile game or video game you need game characters, game backgrounds, game assets, game UI/UX, etc. By having first-class game art, you can enhance your app store optimization and other factors like total game installation, conversion rate, LVT, user retention rate, etc. I can make the best quality art for any type of video game including casual mobile game art, adventure game art, arcade games, etc.

2. Board/Card game art
Making game art for a board game is really fun for an artist! I'll live in the game! I'll play the game in my mind, again and again, to make the best art for your game. Let me know the rules of your game and share with me the art style that you prefer. I'll take care of the rest!
Usually, these are the items that will be needed :
Game characters, game board/map, game asset, games card, game box, game token, instruction booklet, etc.

Let's get started with a friendly and pro chat to discuss your game and game art:

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