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NFT Art:
What does an NFT collection need to be a success in the market? As you can guess there are many factors important here. Some of the most important ones are:

- The community of people that you make
- Your marketing strategy
- The art of your collection
- Rarity assignment
- Optimized smart contract
- etc

The factors mentioned above should fit each other. For example, If you want to have a fun and cool community using your exclusive slang, we need to add fun to your art and promotional materials. You should feed your community with proper and high-quality art.

What I can do for you?


  • I'll make the best unique NFT art collection base on the vibe of the collection that you want.


  • I'll suggest you a traits list based on my experience and the market trends.

     (You can modify the suggested list)

  • I'll generate up to a 10K NFT collection. 


  • I combine art and math! I'll make the best combination of the rarity percentages of traits.


  • I can mint (upload) your collection on the marketplace that you chose. My developer team helps me make a blockchain smart contract.


  • I'll promote your collection on our social media pages with thousands of targeted users.

The key thing about working with me is that I walk through with you step by step.
You can enter your idea and imagination into the process and mix them with my experience.

The NFT plane is going to take off! Right now jump into the plane and fasten your belt!

So let's get started with a friendly and pro chat to discuss the NFT collection that you have in mind: 

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